Free Hearing Test

AudibelHearing deficit is a common finding here at the Villages. Prior to going for a hearing test you should stop by your physician and have your ear canal checked for cerumen impaction. If you find that your hearing is muffled, impaired and you would like to have you ears cleaned/and/or checked, please come by and let us help you. There is NO NEED for an appointment.


This patient was experiencing difficulty hearing. Below you can see the LARGE piece of cerumen removed from one of his ear canals.


We are also glad to provide you with FREE OF CHARGE hearing testing in our facilities every other TUESDAY at the Summerfield and every other MONDAY at our Villages location. The test is performed by Audible Hearing Centers. Below you can watch a short video briefly describing how the test is performed.



Audibel Hearing Centers



Customer care isn’t just a catchphrase for us. At Audibel, it’s a way of doing business.  Our patient’s hearing health in our highest priority.

We go an extra mile every day to provide the industry’s highest level of customer service. We’re not just providing hearing aids -we’re connecting patients to their world with the best technology. We pride ourselves on providing warm, professional, individualized attention to each patient we serve.



When it comes to hearing instruments, Audibel can provide the most accurate fit possible. We also counsel patients to help reduce the number of adjustments needed for a comfortable fit, and to better address the challenges hearing aid wearers face in their environments.  Our manufacturer is the largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the nation supplying us with superior technology and a broad range of choices for customized patient care.


The Audibel network is made up of hundreds of hearing care professionals in more than 2,000 Audibel Hearing Centers across the U.S. This is important to patients because this means that patients have access to Audibel hearing care professionals across the country.